Intelligence, sustainability and greater efficiency

Enhance your new office experience

Casual business man moving office

no wayleaves

Get set up without having to deal with solicitors and spending thousands on legal fees.

super fast installation

Get connected within days instead of months with onsite Engineer support provided.

Moving Office

Supporting your business every step of the way to make sure your office is ready on day one.

Real Estate Deal in Office

Build confidence

Our team are always available to help answer any technical questions during the leasing process.

marketing Material

Digital brochures and printed flyers to promote the benefits of your building or newly fitted floor.

online Presense

Co-branding for websites and social media press releases for newly refurbished buildings or spaces.

London office building at sunset

Fibre infrastructure ready

Improving the appeal of commercial assets for new tenants with business grade high-capacity fibre.

Plug & play spaces

Provides tenants with a calibrated workspace that is Wi-Fi and CyberSecurity enabled.

improved sustainability

Eliminate e-waste from cabling and greatly reduce the number of onsite Engineer visits.

Calibrated Spaces

Effortless setup, endless productivity

Modern and adaptable workspaces that offer a flexible environment to meet the demands of high-value tenants. Calibrated Spaces facilitates a smooth move-in process for seamless business operations.

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CCTV sticker

CCTV & Access Control

Monitor your office activity and protect your staff

  • Oversee the technology while maintaining your brand identity
  • Enhance the experience for tenants during an office move
  • Enable access to flexible connectivity for all tenants
  • Eliminate rent-free periods and vacancy intervals
  • Boost rental income for the entire property
  • Raise the overall market value of your asset
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The Wi-Fi 6E-xperience

wi fi full

Wi-Fi 6E

Latest in wireless technology

IT Support


Customer Support Icon

Inhouse IT support to help you get set up

Security & Infrastructure

Installation of network infrastructure with

Cyber Essentials certified secutiy perimeter


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reception line icon
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Calibrated Floor



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Antenna Tower Vector
satellite antenna


Calibrated Buildings

Instant internet access for tenants

  • 24HR wayleave-free activation
  • Future-proofed data capacity
  • Built-in security perimeter
  • WiredScore Consultancy
  • Dedicated link for BMS
  • Reception Wi-Fi
  • Resilient

The office of the future will be flexible, tech-driven, sustainable, and focused on employee wellness, while still emphasizing the importance of community and culture.

Calibrated buildings are crucial in today's fast-paced and technology-driven business environment. Calibrated buildings can significantly improve energy efficiency, space utilisation, occupant comfort and safety which leads to longer tenant lease retention, and provides valuable data insights for better decision-making.


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Guest Wi-Fi Network

Wifi Symbol Icon

Private Wi-Fi Network

Diverse Carrier Internal Fibre


Core Operating Equipment

satellite antenna

Microwave Wireless Antenna

Antenna Tower Vector

Point-to-Point Wireless Receiver


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